Hussain started his consulting work with NSR (an Analysys Mason company) in 2020. He is an active member of the Space Forward Lab and Space Generation Advisory Council – Small Satellites & Space Exploration Project Groups and helps to solve new challenges and create solutions for the next generation of satellites and space exploration.

Hussain previously worked with Satellite Canada Innovation Network as a Business Development Manager. He conducted market assessments, strategic analyses and commercial due diligence. He also worked for Ryerson University as a Project Development Officer in the student engagement team, and as a Systems Engineer at Ryerson University Space Systems.

Hussain has a Bachelor’s and Master’s in aerospace engineering from Ryerson University in Toronto, with a speciality in systems engineering. He also has a certificate in data analytics, big data and predictive analytics. Most recently, Hussain completed the Interactive Space Program at the International Space University (ISU-ISP20), where he worked on a recommendation report on how to prepare, prevent, monitor and mitigate the COVID-19 pandemic and future pandemics by using space assets and technologies.

During his time at Ryerson University, Hussain had the opportunity to write mission launch procedures, as well as create system integration and operations protocols for launched satellites. He also worked on amateur rocketry while at Ryerson.