Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise analyst day 2019: targeting CPaaS for differentiation and growth

29 March 2019 | Research

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"Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise is moving its focus from the UCaaS market to CPaaS as a more-viable revenue opportunity; its acquisition of Sipwise helps to fill a gap in its cloud communications portfolio."

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise (ALE) held its analyst day in Monaco in February 2019 and presented what was largely a continuation of the strategy outlined to analysts in January 2018: vertical specialisation and driving the adoption of its UCaaS/CPaaS platform, Rainbow. Adoption of Rainbow has grown, but it is subscale compared to the platforms of competitors and it may struggle as a pureplay solution. ALE looks strongest as a supplier of complete solutions, from hardware to CPaaS. Its acquisition of Sipwise, in May 2018, helps to fill gaps in its portfolio.

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