Enterprise Services

The Enterprise Services programme looks at opportunities for telecoms operators, and the vendors that support them, to sell solutions to large businesses (with 250 or more employees).

The programme explores the potential for operators to sell services beyond their traditional portfolio, including 5G, edge, secure-access service edge (SASE), unified communications, and cloud services. It also addresses how technology advances and new working practices are affecting business connectivity. We assess how telecoms operators can differentiate themselves from one another and from other market players such as IT specialists and solutions providers.

Key themes

  • Edge
  • Unified communications
  • Cloud
  • Evolution of business connectivity
  • Market sizing and forecasts for 50 individual countries and 8 geographical regions

Programme head Catherine Hammond

Catherine Hammond Research Director

This report is based on data in Analysys Mason’s business revenue tracker and identifies the key business revenue trends from 56 operators.

Country-specific business forecasts

Analysys Mason's operator business services forecast reports provide a comprehensive overview of the business telecoms and ICT markets in 50 countries around the world.

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