In-orbit services: satellite operators move beyond satellite life extension

05 March 2024 | Research

Dallas Kasaboski

Article | PDF (3 pages) | Satellite Infrastructure

"In-orbit servicing will be needed to support satellite infrastructure; this requirement should be addressed by satellite operators and IOS players as part of their future satellite operations plans."


In-orbit services (IOSs) represent the next stage of growth for the satellite industry. The technology will facilitate lower costs and greater flexibility, which will help to support a larger, more-robust market. However, IOS technology is currently underdeveloped, and rather than being seen as an essential service, it is considered to be a possible alternative, which has challenged the development of the IOS market to expand the utility of its services beyond simply life extension. The views of this technology will persist unless bold collaborative strategies are put in place and the value of IOS is properly communicated. 


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