Telefónica Tech Analyst Day 2022: long-term growth depends on building a reputation as a trusted IT brand

18 January 2023 | Research

Catherine Hammond

Article | PDF (3 pages) | SME Services| Enterprise Services

"Telefónica Tech should not neglect the value of integrated connectivity services as it seeks to establish itself as an IT player."


Telefónica Tech provided an update on its strategy and performance at its industry analyst event in November 2022. It has successfully expanded its portfolio and skillset via a series of acquisitions and internal investments, but has failed to meet its original revenue goals that were set in 2019. Nonetheless, it looks well-placed to deliver long-term revenue growth and to provide its national operating companies with access to a broad range of IT services.

However, Telefónica Tech faces several challenges: how to be recognised as a leading player in IT markets, how to integrate its acquisitions so that the combined value is more than the sum of the parts and how to attract and retain skilled staff.


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