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5G bundles, enhanced customer service and bundling in Wi-Fi boosters are emerging pricing trends

03 September 2020 | Research

Inigo Barker

Article | PDF (3 pages) | Fixed Broadband Services| Mobile Services

"Giving loyalty programmes prominence or tiering plans by customer service experiences may be effective for operators that have a limited ability to differentiate in other, more-traditional areas such as network performance." 


Telecoms operators have faced significant COVID-19-related challenges in 2020, as well as the more familiar and longer-term questions around how to realise returns on network investments for 5G and FTTP. These challenges are reflected in how retail tariffs are being structured and priced. In this comment, we review a selection of emerging pricing trends such as 5G device bundles, enhanced customer service and loyalty schemes for mobile operators and the bundling of Wi-Fi boosters in broadband packages for fixed operators. We also offer comments on the future of COVID-19-related tariff changes.


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