Government and military space: capturing the opportunity within a transitional market

In this podcast, Analysys Mason's experts in satellite and space, Christopher Baugh and Sarah Halpin, discuss the changes in the government and military space market, where dramatic shifts in geopolitical stability are driving market demand and growth worldwide. They explore how innovative approaches to service provisioning are changing the sector’s landscape and discuss the areas in which commercial players see new potential.

The influx of new incumbents such as Starlink and Kuiper, coupled with growing interest in the integration of best practices from commercial satellite communications (comsatcom) and military satellite communications (milsatcom), requires enhanced planning to ensure successful client engagement.

As the complexity of the sector increases, so too does the opportunity for revenue capture. Chris and Sarah discuss how ensuring that engagement strategies target the right time and place will be key. 

Hear from:

Christopher Baugh

Partner, expert in space and satellite

Sarah Halpin

Analyst, expert in space and satellite