AI series: how Vodafone is leveraging its AI capabilities

10 April 2024 | Strategy

Paul Jevons | Scott Petty


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In this episode, Analysys Mason's Paul Jevons, Director and expert in tech-enabled transformation, and Scott Petty, Chief Technology Officer at Vodafone Group, discuss how AI is affecting Vodafone and its customers.

Topics covered in this podcast

  • How GenAI can enhance productivity, drive business transformation, and foster innovation in product and service development
  • The opportunities and challenges that AI brings
  • AI governance and ethics
  • The benefits of AI for Vodafone’s customers
  • The role and importance of partnerships with large language model (LLM) solution providers

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Paul Jevons

Director, expert in tech-enabled transformation

Scott Petty

Chief Technology Officer at Vodafone Group