AI series: who will be the GenAI winners and losers in the TMT industry?

21 March 2024 | Research

Paul Jevons | Tom Rebbeck

Podcast | Fixed Broadband Services| Future Comms| Mobile Services| SME Services| Smart Devices| Video, Gaming and Entertainment| Enterprise Services| Fixed–Mobile Convergence

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Welcome to our AI podcast series. Each episode features business leaders from across the telecoms, media and technology (TMT) industry who discuss their AI-related insights, and what AI means to them, their organisation and the industry as a whole.

In this episode, Analysys Mason's Paul Jevons, Director and expert in tech-enabled transformation, and Tom Rebbeck, Research Partner and expert in TMT consumer and business services, discuss:

  • why it is important to think about who the winners and losers will be
  • the potential impact of GenAI and the three scenarios that could play out in the TMT industry over the coming years
    • the Navigator scenario: what it looks like and who could benefit
    • the Pilot scenario: a more radical situation, and who is best positioned to take advantage
    • the Explorer scenario: bundling connectivity with other services, and how this could shape the industry
  • how telecoms operators and other players in the TMT industry can use the scenarios to help with their GenAI strategies.

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