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Wireless network data traffic: worldwide trends and forecasts 2020–2025

24 July 2020 | Research

Stefano Porto Bonacci Rupert Wood

Forecast report | PPTX and PDF (27 slides); Excel | Wireless Infrastructure Strategies

"About a quarter of the data traffic generated by mobile devices will use 5G networks by 2025, a quarter will use 4G and the other half will use Wi-Fi."


This report provides a detailed outlook on the intensity of traffic on mobile networks, the anticipated impact of 5G and trends in Wi-Fi usage.

This report provides:

  • 5-year forecasts of wireless data traffic worldwide, in 8 regions and 39 selected countries 
  • analysis of the key trends in, and drivers and inhibitors of, data traffic worldwide and in each region
  • analysis of the impact of 5G on data traffic
  • analysis of the impact of the emergence of fixed-wireless access (FWA) on data traffic
  • discussion about the impact of costs and prices on data traffic
  • analysis of the trends in mobile and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • discussion about the longer-term impact of COVID-19 on network usage.

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