Business-services-related M&A tracker 2022: trends and analysis

05 September 2022 | Research

Matt Small

Tracker report | PPTX and PDF (7 slides) | SME Services| Enterprise Services

"Operators’ business-services-related acquisitions often focus on connectivity or cloud services."


Analysys Mason's Business-services-related M&A tracker has identified more than 300 acquisitions that have been made by operators since 2017 to enhance their capabilities and market reach for delivering business services. This report assesses the key trends in these business-services-related acquisitions by region and type of operator.

Topics included in this report

  • Rate of business-service-related M&A
  • Differences between incumbents' acquisition strategies and those of challenger operators
  • Regional differences in operator acquisition strategy
  • Analysis of the types of companies and capabilities that operators are acquiring


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