Space traffic study, 3rd edition

01 October 2023 | Research

Alan Crisp


This report assesses the total volume of data transmitted to/from space, across four main segments.

The report also provides recommendations for cloud service providers, satellite operators and ground segment providers to benchmark current connectivity roadmaps and ensure future investments are aligned with demand.

It is based on several NSR (an Analysys Mason company) reports:

  • Satellite manufacturing and launch markets
  • Space cloud computing (13th edition)
  • Space travel and tourism markets (4th edition)
  • Satellite capacity supply and demand (5th edition)
  • Satellite-based earth observation (20th edition)
  • Secondary research across the satellite value chain (15th edition)

Key questions answered in this report

  • How do satellite communications and earth observation data traffic volumes compare?
  • Are data volumes growing or shrinking compared to previous assessments?
  • What are the near-term challenges for increased data consumption?
  • Just how much data does “space tourism” need?
  • What are the trends with data pricing?

Who should purchase this report

  • Strategy, planning, and business intelligence teams within ground segment players​
  • Cloud providers exploring the satellite and space sector
  • End-users looking to benchmark their current connectivity roadmaps​
  • Investors looking to understand space data traffic volumes


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