Space travel and tourism markets, 5th edition

01 November 2023 | Research

Dafni Christodoulopoulou


NSR’s Space travel and tourism markets report offers industry-leading analysis of this emerging global market. Covering the entire value chain, from suborbital, orbital, to travel beyond Earth, from rockets and rocket-planes, to balloons for suborbital, from investment and updates on space stations, to its 10-year forecast, this latest NSR report offers the most comprehensive analysis of this high-value commercial market.

NSR’s report on STT markets offers unique analysis of three different segments, for two different vehicle types, and provides both a status report and grounded analysis of each company’s progress operating in this space. The 10-year forecast includes the number of vehicles expected to be operating, either by commercial players or serving commercial customers, in each segment, the number of flights expected to take place, and the corresponding number of passengers to be served. In this high-demand market, supply remains constrained, and the technological and economical capability of the launch service providers remains key to understanding the pace and growth of this market; all of which is presented in this report. Critically, pricing dynamics for each sector, including differentiation between balloons and rockets/planes for suborbital, impacts of competition and space stations for orbital travel, and the development of Beyond Earth pricing, are forecast and presented. Finally, the revenue opportunity from flying commercial passengers or for commercial operators to each segment is presented.

This report provides a complete assessment, status update, and analysis of the suborbital, orbital, and Beyond Earth space travel and tourism markets, with a thorough analysis and a 10-year forecast for the global opportunity.

Key questions answered in the report

  • When will the suborbital and orbital travel markets really take off?
  • How big will the space travel and tourism market get in 10 years?
  • How much of the market will be driven by government customers?
  • What is the status of the major players, and are there any emerging competitors to consider?
  • How much investment has the space travel & tourism market received?
  • What is the pricing trends, and what will be the impact of space stations, and new vehicles?


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