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Operator strategies for TV and video content: production, content types and distribution

16 March 2017 | Research

Martin Scott

Strategy report | PPTX and PDF (30 slides) | Video, Gaming and Entertainment

"Escalating spend on original series ('originals') and sports content increases pressure on operators; identifying if, how and where to invest is key."

This report presents different approaches to investing in – and gaining access to – original and exclusive TV and video content through production, aggregation and partnerships. It examines the options available to operators regarding linear and on-demand content distribution and content types, and how they relate to modes of delivery. Further, it investigates the risk and return trade-offs for different levels and forms of involvement in content production, based on the size of the operator and the market situation.

This report provides answers to the following questions.

  • How can operators ensure that they are delivering the content their customers want, in the manner in which they wish to consume it?
  • What types of content should operators invest in, what is the relative cost and impact of each, and how do they relate to the distribution mix?
  • How can operators understand to what extent they should invest in content, and how?
  • What are the risk and return trade-offs of each form of investment, and how do these differ depending on the size of the operator and its market?
  • How can operators evolve their on-demand services to justify making them more prominent in their TV propositions?

Factors over which operators have the greatest control in the video market


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