Private LTE/5G networks: operator strategies

29 September 2020 | Research

Ibraheem Kasujee

Strategy report | PPTX and PDF (8 slides) | IoT Services| Edge and Media Platforms| Private Networks| Next-Generation Wireless Networks

"Operators need to explore multiple variations of hybrid network deployment models to maximise their revenue opportunities."


Almost 400 private network deployments have been announced to date, and demand continues to grow. Operators need to build a role for themselves in the private networks value chain and differentiate their solutions. They should explore opportunities to use their own network assets to move away from a reseller model and to maximise revenue.

This report provides:

  • an overview of hybrid private network deployment models
  • recommendations for operators on how to match competitors’ skill sets and service delivery models
  • recommendations for operators on selecting vendors’ propositions to match enterprise requirements, as well as examining innovative vendor delivery models.


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Ibraheem Kasujee

Senior Analyst