Private Networks


This programme examines the opportunity for operators, vendors and other players to sell private LTE and 5G networks to enterprises. We analyse the competitive landscape, the strengths and weaknesses of different suppliers and how they differentiate their propositions. We have built forecasts of network spend and spend on application/edge services, split by vertical, region and technology, and continuously add new forecast components.


  • Manufacturing. The opportunities for private network players in the manufacturing segment, a large but complex market.
  • Adjacent technologies. Analysing how adjacent technologies such as edge computing, ORAN and Wi-Fi fit into the private networks market.
  • Best practice. Assessing the competitive landscape in the private networks market and the strategies of successful players.

Questions answered

  • What is the size of the private LTE/5G networks market? What are the drivers and inhibitors of growth?
  • Which sectors present growth opportunities for private network players? How should players develop propositions in these sectors?
  • Who are the players in the private networks market? What strategies are the most successful players employing, and what can other players learn from these success stories?
  • What role does 5G play in the private networks market? How should operators use their 5G assets to take advantage of the private networks opportunity?
  • What impact will technologies such as edge computing and ORAN have on the private networks market?

Programme head Ibraheem Kasujee

Ibraheem Kasujee Senior Analyst