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Large Enterprise Emerging Service Opportunities

The Large Enterprise Emerging Service Opportunities research programme looks at opportunities for telecoms operators, and the vendors that support them, to enter new product areas and sell services beyond the traditional portfolio. The products included in this programme include co-location, cloud services (infrastructure, platform and software as a service) and security solutions.

The programme investigates the size of the market for these services, potential solutions from partners and the competition that operators will encounter. Crucially, we explore how and where telecoms operators can differentiate themselves against global software and solutions providers.

As with our other enterprise-related programmes, our research is underpinned by:

  • a large, primary research programme. As an ongoing research exercise, we ask enterprises about their usage of services, their opinion of these services and of the companies that provide them
  • detailed forecasts for revenue and adoption of the key enterprise services
  • strategy reports and comments that make recommendations for operators, based on examples and case studies from around the world.

Key features

  • New product selection. We assess the new products areas for telecoms operators, such as cloud and security products, provide our view of the opportunity size and recommendations for operators as to which services to offer and how to sell them
  • Bundling strategies for new and traditional products. Telecoms operators already have strong relations with their clients and can build on this to sell new types of products. We explore these strategies and provide recommendations for the best options
  • Examples of best practice. We will provide examples from around the world of what operators are doing and what approaches have been successful.

Programme head Catherine Hammond

Catherine Hammond Principal Analyst | Research

Business survey 2019

Survey of 3000 businesses in 10 countries on all aspects of businesses' telecoms and technology usage and future plans.

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