Video, Gaming and Entertainment

The Video, Gaming and Entertainment research programme focuses on structural changes to the entertainment market (especially TV, video and gaming) and the impact of these changes on retail revenue. We also monitor the changing role of all players, and telecoms operators in particular, in the market.

We use in-depth market sizing and forecasting, primary research of consumer behaviour, and a series of strategic reports and case studies to help our clients to understand:

  • the size, rate and direction of change in the TV, video and gaming markets
  • the future role of telecoms operators, pay-TV providers and OTT players
  • innovative solutions to challenges relating to content, technology and services, and the impact of 5G and cloud applications.

Key themes

  • Gaming – telco partnerships, consumer behaviour and demand, subscription models
  • Consumer aspects of the metaverse and the role of AR/VR – precursors to the metaverse – the role of operators, early consumer applications/opportunities
  • Streaming video evolution – hybrid business models and the increased importance of advertising; the shift in device usage (for example, increasing penetration of smart TVs and connected devices)

Programme head Martin Scott

Martin Scott Research Director