IoT and M2M Services

Analysys Mason’s IoT and M2M Services research programme examines the Internet of Things (IoT) market from the perspective of the telecoms industry. The programme assesses the role and opportunities for operators in IoT. We explore options to provide:

  • connectivity (for example, through new LPWA networks, using technologies such as NB-IoT)
  • enabling capabilities (such as application enablement or device management)
  • vertical market platforms
  • complete end-to-end solutions.

Our research findings are based on extensive research, involving interviews with vendors, operators and end users. Our findings are also supported by some of the most detailed forecasts available on the IoT opportunity for telecoms operators, with data on the full value chain

Key themes

  • Market size and forecasts: We have 10-year forecasts for 74 countries covering all value chain elements (device, device installation, connectivity, connectivity management and so on) and by vertical market (automotive, agriculture, energy/utilities smart cities and so on)
  • Network technology: We are closely following the developments in low-power wide-area (LPWA) networks with our LPWA networks index, forecasts and strategy reports
  • Operator strategies: Operators are still grappling with how best to take advantage of the opportunity IoT offers. We explore how players in different regions and of different sizes are approaching IoT
  • Vertical markets: The programme covers all of the key vertical markets for telecoms operators, with detailed studies of the main markets, such as automotive, smart cities and utilities, as well as some of the niche opportunities such as digital advertising.

Programme head Michele Mackenzie

Michele Mackenzie Principal Analyst | Research