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The business case for VDSL2 vectoring, 30MHz vectoring and

Stephen Wilson Principal Analyst, Research

White paper

Telecoms operators are coming under increasing competitive pressure – particularly from cable players – and are looking to increase their bandwidths quickly and cost effectively. There is an increasing array of FTTx technologies that operators can use to achieve these goals. This white paper examines three FTTx technology options:

  • VDSL2 vectoring, which is the process of cancelling crosstalk on VDSL2 lines that use frequencies up to 17MHz
  • 30MHz vectoring, which allows vectored 17MHz and 30MHz VDSL2 to coexist in the same binder
  •, which can boost speeds to very high levels over short copper loops.

This white paper, sponsored by Alcatel-Lucent, examines the applicability of each technology in different deployment scenarios – for example, by comparing the bitrates that can be delivered at different loop lengths. It also considers the ease with which subscribers can be migrated between the different technologies, and how FTTx technologies can help build the business case for FTTH.


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