Internet Monthly June 2023

30 June 2023 | Transaction support

Rohan Dhamija | Ashwinder Sethi | Rahul Nawalkha


Internet newsletterAt Analysys Mason we have been fortunate enough to have supported some of the recent marquee transactions in India’s internet space, and in this edition of our newsletter we wanted to share a few insights from some of our latest work in the industry.

This month's newsletter covers two sectors: 1) Content platforms, including news, entertainment and social/P2P use cases, which have significant potential for further growth in India and continue to attract interest from investors from across the globe, and 2) Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC), which is transforming e-commerce from how it has existed over the last decade, and can now disrupt the positions of incumbents to create new winners in the industry.

We hope that you enjoy reading this month’s edition of our newsletter and look forward to future editions.

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