COVID-19: operators can be innovative in their consumer propositions to cater to shifting demand

20 May 2020 | Research

Article | PDF (2 pages); Excel | Mobile Services

"There is a real opportunity for operators with digital service ambitions to capitalise on the sudden change in consumer behaviour and make meaningful, long-term gains for their platforms."

Operators worldwide have been altering their consumer propositions in response to changes in consumer behaviour since COVID-19 attained pandemic status in mid-March 2020. Governments in some countries show signs of easing some COVID-19-related restrictions, but it is not at all clear when lockdown measures will come to an end in most countries, nor is it clear precisely what form the ‘new normal’ will take as economies emerge from the crisis. Reviewing what kinds of measures are being undertaken worldwide can help operators to understand how best to serve their customers while their lives continue to be affected by COVID-19 and its economic consequences. The data annex to this article provides further details about more than 200 changes to operators’ consumer propositions around the world.


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