Deutsche Telekom outlined its targets for business services, but provided no overarching vision

17 June 2021 | Research

Tom Rebbeck

Article | PDF (3 pages) | IoT Services| SME Services| Enterprise Services

"Deutsche Telekom’s vision for business services feels sensible and realistic, but the company could have done more to showcase its innovative thinking related to B2B services on its Capital Markets Day."


Deutsche Telekom (DT) presented its aim to increase its business service revenue from around EUR18.2 billion in 2020 to around EUR22.0 billion in 2024 at its Capital Markets Day (CMD) in May 2021. This implies an annualised growth rate of around 5%, though much of this will come from the USA (it is forecasting over 20% growth for T-Mobile USA). The growth forecast for the rest of the business is a more modest 2%.


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Tom Rebbeck

Partner, expert in TMT consumer and business services