OSS/BSS vendors are embracing GenAI but need to invest in new capabilties to support it

26 February 2024 | Research

Justin van der Lande

Article | PDF (3 pages) | Automated Assurance| Monetisation Platforms| Service Design and Orchestration| Network Automation and Orchestration| Digital Experience| Data, AI and Development Platforms

"GenAI could change many functions, processes and applications in a CSP's operational fabric, but the journey from initial investigations to fully-fledged production systems is proving to be complex."


GenAI is generating a great deal of interest in the telecoms industry, but its implementation in live operations is far from simple and therefore there is a gap between expectations and the reality of GenAI capabilities. Vendors need to provide additional tuning to their LLM solutions using the following three techniques: prompt engineering, finetuning and retrieval-augmented generation.


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