SD-WAN: opportunities for service providers

18 February 2020 | Research

Tom Rebbeck | Catherine Hammond

Perspective | PDF (17 pages) | Enterprise Services

Welcome to our first collection of articles on SD-WAN and what it means for different players in the value chain (for example, network technology providers, service providers, telecoms operators and cyber-security technology providers).

SD-WAN: opportunities for service providers

As SD-WAN gradually becomes the default technology for wide-area networks, it will provide opportunities for telecoms operators to offer new services (for example, security and LAN management) and to expand in ‘off-net’ geographies. SD-WAN also comes with various threats. It could cannibalise existing MPLS revenue, and also increase competition for other services. Service providers will need to be flexible in how they respond to these threats.

The articles included here give a flavour of our thinking on SD-WAN and how the market may progress as it becomes more widely adopted. Analysys Mason helps clients in all geographies and parts of the value chain to develop their approaches to business connectivity through our consulting and advisory work. Our assignments range from the rapid review of existing plans to full strategy development.

This brochure covers the following topics.

  • Telecoms operators should prioritise the launch of SD-WAN.
  • Approaches to SD-WAN service provision: a framework for assessment.
  • Operators need to embrace new processes to benefitfully from SD-WAN technology.
  • Existing market positions are dictating service providers’ strategies for SD-WAN.
  • Alternative models for the delivery of SD-WAN services threaten operators’ position as retail providers.
  • Axians’s new proposition can speed up service providers’ SD-WAN launches but may limit future flexibility.

SD-WAN opportunities

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