Digital service opportunities for operators: worldwide trends and forecasts 2020–2025

25 March 2021 | Research

Julia Martusewicz-Kulinska Qingyi Liang

Forecast report | PPTX and PDF (21 slides); Excel | Digital Services

"The consumer migration towards digital services is accelerating, which makes it critical for operators to have a digital presence."


The expansion of the digital services market is accelerating and some operators have made significant investments to compete with the dominant digital service providers. This report examines the potential revenue growth that operators can expect to achieve if they decide to establish themselves in the digital service value chain.

This report provides:

  • worldwide and regional revenue forecasts for the following vertical markets:
    • mobile money and payments (m-money)
    • mobile commerce (m-commerce)
    • digital advertising
    • mobile identity management (IdM)
  • an estimate of the revenue that operators could accrue from each of these verticals in each region
  • analysis of key trends in each vertical market and region
  • discussion of strategic measures that operators could implement to capture a greater share of the revenue from digital services in each region.


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