How mobile-centric operators can challenge quad-play bundles: conquering the great indoors

29 March 2018 | Research

Rupert Wood

Strategy report | PPTX and PDF (19 slides) | Fixed–Mobile Convergence

"To address home usage, mobile-centric operators should develop unlimited multi-device bundles rather than emulating fixed broadband."

This report describes the nature of the threat to mobile-centric operators' businesses from fixed–mobile convergence (FMC) bundling – a threat that is real in some markets and latent in others. It indicates how viable it is for mobile-centric operators to tackle the problem and directly address the residential spend that currently goes to integrated operators.

The report answers the following questions.

  • How potent a threat is FMC bundling to the mobile-centric operator?
  • How much of current fixed data traffic could mobile-centric operators address?
  • Is competing for low-yield data wasteful or prudent?
  • Is it better to extend the mobile service or to replicate the fixed service in terms of marketing and capex?

Options for mobile-centric operators to address in-home usage

Figure: Mobile-centric operator approaches to addressing the in-home market

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Rupert Wood

Research Director