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Optimising FTTP installation

04 September 2020 | Research

Stephen Wilson

Strategy report | PPTX and PDF (19 slides) | Fixed Broadband Services| Operator Investment Strategies

"Operators should work to optimise FTTP installations."


Operators continue to make significant investments in FTTP infrastructure worldwide, but achieving return on investment is a challenge due to tough competition and high roll-out costs. Improving the FTTP installation process can help by reducing costs, encouraging take-up and generating more revenue.

This report answers the following questions.

  • What are the options for operators that are looking to reduce FTTP installation costs, and to what extent do they succeed?
  • How can FTTP operators make the fibre installation process as pain-free and convenient for subscribers as possible?
  • Should operators charge a separate fee for FTTP installation?
  • Does the FTTP installation process present any opportunities for operators to sell additional services?

Reasons why operators should optimise the FTTP installation process



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