Rural broadband connectivity: challenges, opportunities and case studies for satellite connectivity

01 June 2023 | Research

Sarah Halpin

Report | PPTX and PDF (13 slides) | Satellite Strategies for Telcos

"The satellite industry will need a mix of models and engagement paradigms; the largest opportunity for consumer broadband services will be directly to consumers, but social inclusion programmes can provide an additionally lucrative business opportunity."


This report explores the approaches used by the satellite industry and 'national broadband/rural connectivity/social inclusion' programmes to increase broadband connectivity. Focusing on the business models available to the satellite industry, the report looks at five different national case studies to explore the impacts on household broadband penetration rates. The report also provides challenges and recommendations for the satellite connectivity industry to capture additional direct-to-household (or on-premises) subscribers.

Case studies included in this report

  • Australia – satellite essential, looking for the ‘next solution’
  • Ireland – heavy focus on terrestrial services
  • Mexico – rapid deployments of hotspot model
  • Nigeria – hotspots and an emphasis on affordability
  • Sweden – direct-to-household and the "last 2%"

Questions answered in this report

  • What are the major consumer broadband business models for satellite connectivity?
  • How much revenue will the satellite industry generate from consumer broadband and ‘social inclusion’ programmes over the next 10 years?
  • What terminal and consumer premises equipment pricing strategies are emerging to capture price-sensitive customers?
  • Where can satellite connectivity co-exist alongside terrestrial-heavy national broadband strategies?

Who should purchase this report

  • Those involved in connectivity strategy initiatives within a satellite connectivity service provider, hardware manufacturer, or other player involved in bridging the digital divide.
  • Government, regulatory practices and industry bodies.
  • Investors looking to understand market dynamics for satellite connectivity services aimed at national broadband/rural connectivity/social inclusion programmes.
  • Readers are also encouraged to explore Analysis Mason’s other coverage of rural connectivity initiatives, such as Rural coverage initiatives: case studies and analysis.


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