Satellite capacity supply and demand, 4Q 2023 update

02 April 2024 | Research

Luke Wyles

Forecast report | PPTX and PDF (13 slides) | Satellite Capacity

"Operators are revamping their business models to address the USD40.9 billion revenue opportunity in this market, and are shifting towards multi-orbit services amid a wave of consolidation."


This quarterly update of our Satellite capacity supply and demand forecast report summarises significant developments in the satellite communications (satcom) market to the end of 4Q 2023. 

This update assesses how each market is moving relative to our original forecasts of capacity supply, demand, revenue and pricing across different regions and frequency bands. 

Our revisions are based on news and deal announcements from players in the satcom industry. These items are recorded in the corresponding Satellite capacity supply and demand news and deals tracker 4Q 2023.

Key questions answered in this report

  • What is the market opportunity for satellite communications worldwide?
  • What are the forecasted trends in capacity demand, revenue and pricing in different regions?
  • How do these trends vary across different applications and frequency bands?
  • How have these trends developed during 4Q 2023?
  • How are regulation and policy-making shaping the satcom market?

Who should read this report

  • Satellite operators
  • Service providers
  • Satellite manufacturers and launch providers
  • Ground equipment manufacturers and integrators
  • Emerging space companies
  • Telecoms operators
  • Investors and financial institutions

Frequency bands

  • C-Band
  • Ku-Band
  • Widebeam Ka-Band
  • C-Band GEO HTS
  • Ku-Band GEO HTS
  • Ka-Band GEO HTS
  • Non-GEO HTS

Geographical coverage

  • North America (NAM)
  • Central America and Caribbean (CAMCB) 
  • South America (SAM)
  • Western Europe (WEU)
  • Central and Eastern Europe (CEEU)
  • Middle East and North Africa (MENA)
  • Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA)
  • East Asia (EA)
  • South Asia (SA)
  • Southeast Asia (SEA)
  • Indian/Pacific/Atlantic ocean regions (IOR/POR/AOR)