Friend or foe: the impact of new technologies on operators’ management systems

12 October 2022 | Research

Justin van der Lande

Video | Automated Assurance| Monetisation Platforms| Service Design and Orchestration| Network Automation and Orchestration| Customer Engagement


Justin van der Lande (Research Director) gave this presentation at Analysys Mason's 12th annual Telecoms Summit on 6 October 2022. This event was designed to help operators and vendors to understand the key drivers and trends that are influencing the telecoms, media and technology (TMT) industry worldwide.

The presentation covers the following points.

  • SaaS: why now, what is the status of the market and what are the implications for vendors and operators?
  • How will the adoption of network cloud and MEC affect OSS?
  • How successful have big-bang, enterprise-wide or domain-based approaches to automation been, and what are the key technology enablers for automation?

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Analysys Mason's Telecoms Summit 2022

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Justin van der Lande

Research Director