Spectrum policy and auction support

For 30 years, Analysys Mason has been instrumental in shaping spectrum policy around the world through our wide-ranging studies helping regulators and operators to develop spectrum strategy, determine spectrum policy, formulate spectrum licence conditions, value spectrum and prepare for spectrum awards. 

Our advice encompasses technical, regulatory, market and economic aspects of spectrum management and spectrum valuation, which sets us apart from our competitors.

From early moves towards spectrum liberalisation in the 1990s, spectrum management has become increasingly flexible, innovative and dynamic, reflecting the rapid pace of development of wireless technology and increasing demands for access to spectrum.

Radio spectrum is increasingly being considered as a highly sought-after resource, requiring careful management to ensure that it is used efficiently and effectively, and is placed in the hands of those that are able to create the most benefit from it.

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  • 5G opportunities in the 6GHz band
    By Harald Wium Lie | 29 January 2020, Article

    We believe that the internet will continue to be one of the most important contributors to economic growth and improved quality of life. 5G mobile network deployment is expected to boost broadband penetration, and we have identified five areas where the additional availability of mid-band spectrum will be beneficial for 5G networks.

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  • Spectrum Newsletter – December 2019
    By Roberto Kompany | 20 December 2019, Newsletter

    This edition of the Spectrum Newsletter for up to December 2019 highlights the spectrum auction activity worldwide in four regions.

  • Spectrum auction tracker 3Q 2019
    By Rupert Wood | 20 December 2019, Data

    Analysys Mason’s 'Spectrum auction tracker' provides granular, accurate details and analysis of concluded auctions and planned auctions of mobile and fixed wireless spectrum, reaching back to 2005.

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  • European regulators are taking contrasting approaches to enterprise 5G spectrum
    By Caroline Gabriel | 18 December 2019, Article

    European regulators are starting to consider allocating spectrum directly to enterprises in order to encourage the deployment of industrial 5G-enabled use cases, with or without an MNO partner. However, there is no consensus on how best to broaden spectrum ownership to drive enterprise 5G.

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  • Heading into the 5G era
    By Janette Stewart | 6 December 2019, Article

    This article is part of a 5G campaign, which features exclusive content from key thought leaders and industry voices about the transformative impact of 5G on industry now and in the future.

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