Large Enterprise Voice and Data Connectivity

The Large Enterprise Voice and Data Connectivity programme looks at the core products in the enterprise market. The programme covers the solutions that generate more than 90% of revenue for most telecoms operators: voice and data.

The programme explores how technology developments in the connectivity market, such as SD-WAN and 5G, will affect the opportunity. It also looks at developments in the voice and broader communications space as operators fight to maintain relevance against new types of product such as Slack and Microsoft Teams.

As with our other Enterprise research programmes, our research is underpinned by:

  • a large, primary research programme (as an ongoing research exercise, we ask enterprises about their usage of services and their opinion of these services and of the companies that provide them)
  • detailed forecasts for revenue and adoption of the key enterprise services
  • strategy reports and comments that make recommendations for operators, based on examples and case studies from around the world.


  • SD-WAN. We cover strategies for SD-WAN including vendor selection, approaches to launch, enterprise demand and the opportunities for complementary services, such as security.
  • Differentiation strategies. We explore how operators can limit the extent of competition purely based on price, and how they can differentiate in terms of quality, customer service and other elements.
  • Enterprise demand. The programme explores the demand for connectivity, and particularly focuses on the move to higher-speed fixed services and the impact of 5G and new fibre networks.

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