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Analysys Mason has been instrumental in shaping spectrum strategy and policy around the world and we have also advised industry and/or regulators on many of the 4G and 5G spectrum auctions that have taken place globally to date. Our wide-ranging studies have helped regulators and operators to develop spectrum strategy, shape spectrum policy, formulate spectrum master plans, prepare spectrum outlooks, undertake change of use analysis, perform cost-benefit assessment, value spectrum and prepare for spectrum awards. Our reports are often published by regulators as part of consultations on spectrum strategy. Our advice encompasses the technical, regulatory, market and economic aspects of spectrum management and spectrum valuation. We have in-house capability on radio planning as well as access to extensive market data on demand for spectrum including several of our own forecasts published by Analysys Mason Research.

Our spectrum-related consulting services can be split into radio spectrum management, and radio spectrum auction support.

Radio spectrum management

Our extensive track record in spectrum consulting and research has helped clients around the world on a range of issues and topics. For example, we can advise on annual licence fees and undertake assessment of the appropriate level of licence fees for different bands, based on alternative established methodologies (incentive-based pricing, opportunity cost analysis and/or administered incentive pricing or AIP, benchmarking etc.). We have also developed spectrum master plans for regulators to capture spectrum management themes across all categories of spectrum use (mobile, fixed services, satellite, broadcasting, programme making and special events, unlicensed radio, aeronautical, maritime, private mobile radio and others)

Our experience includes supporting regulators in relation to:

  • spectrum strategy
  • interference analysis
  • cost–benefit assessments of different uses of spectrum bands
  • formulation of spectrum master plans and/or spectrum outlooks
  • licence condition design

We also provide spectrum consultation support including:

  • drafting and/or reviewing regulatory consultations
  • assessment of optimal response strategies
  • development of economic and technical arguments to support consultation responses

Radio spectrum auction support

Our experts can provide advice for both regulators and operators in preparation for spectrum auctions, based around our proven methodology for valuing radio spectrum.

We advise regulators on:

  • assignment and award options for different frequency bands
  • strategies for making spectrum available
  • valuation of spectrum
  • reserve price setting
  • setting and measuring coverage obligations

For operators, we provide:

  • detailed analysis and modelling to determine spectrum strategy
  • the value of different bands to an operator’s business
  • analysis of the costs of meeting coverage obligations
  • auction strategy

We have helped operators and/or regulators to value spectrum in all harmonised mobile bands with particular expertise in recent years on valuing technical and commercial effects from having additional 4G and/or 5G bands available. 


We developed a long-term plan for radio frequency usage for the UAE regulator

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We developed a long-term plan for radio frequency usage for the UAE regulator

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