Satellite Strategies for Telcos

Satellite and space are moving into mainstream telco markets. The separation between terrestrial and satellite networks is rapidly disappearing.

Telcos must develop a satellite strategy now to succeed and differentiate in a market worth USD146 billion in 2032.

This programme provides information about satellite operators, the game-changing solutions that they offer, the elements that they lack in their own go-to-market strategies and where telecoms operators may be needed as partners. 

Key questions answered

  • What steps can operators take to adopt satellite strategies?
  • How can operators capture a share of this market?
  • What are the costs involved?
  • How big is the revenue opportunity?
  • Who should operators choose as partners?
  • How can operators meet coverage obligations while balancing costs?
  • Is satellite complementary or competition to an operators business?


  • Rural broadband: using satellite to extend broadband to meet coverage obligations and reach new subscribers
  • Direct-to-device: emerging technologies to connect standard phones everywhere with satellite; enhanced QoS and new revenue
  • Telco–satellite strategies: using satellite to differentiate from competition and develop new services in IoT, private networks or mobility

Programme head Lluc Palerm

Lluc Palerm Principal Analyst

Podcast: Why telcos need to develop a satellite strategy now

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