Digital economy

The digital transformation permeates every aspect of economic and social activity, and has dramatically altered the nature of competition worldwide. Practically all businesses will need to become digital economy participants, whether they provide online digital services, digital substitutes for traditional goods and services, or physical goods marketed and sold by digital means.

Operators, vendors and service providers must navigate this dramatic shift in the competitive landscape, where pressures come not only from established players, but also from Internet giants and emerging start-ups.

Analysys Mason provides comprehensive coverage of the digital economy and the changing role of telecoms operators through four distinct research programmes.

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  • Amazon and Flipkart lead the race to dominate India’s ecommerce market

    Ecommerce market leaders Amazon and Flipkart had high – nearly identical – levels of penetration and engagement in India in 2016. The strong performance of these two companies and the advantage they have over the other players, illustrate the challenge facing competitors.

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  • Consumer communication platforms: trends and outlook

    Social messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, LINE and WeChat are opening up their capabilities to third parties with the aim of becoming the conduits for a range of new services and experiences. This short report considers the phenomenon of consumer platforms and outlines some ways for operators to participate in the changes that are happening in the industry.

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  • Consumer smartphone analytics 2016: communication services

    This report analyses real-world smartphone usage data to answer urgent questions about the status of communication services. The report looks at consumer engagement with various social and communication services, assesses the level of substitution of legacy operator services, and outlines the state of relevant operator initiatives.

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