Our global headquarters are located in Aldwych, in central London.

Our consultants and analysts come from around the world, bringing diverse educational, operational and cultural backgrounds to the office. Our team includes former engineers, economists and mathematicians, the majority of whom are graduates of prestigious universities and business schools. Many of our experts have experience of operational and strategic roles in major mobile, broadband and TV companies, as well as equipment vendors and industry regulators.

Our experts bring a unique combination of business consulting skills and detailed sector expertise to deliver practical results with a speed, objectivity and insight that has earned us a global reputation for excellence.

Bush House, North West Wing
United Kingdom
+44 20 7395 9000

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  • Mobile M&A in Europe: key considerations for investors’ valuations

    Following years of challenging market conditions and regulatory headwinds, investors are now able to press ahead with in-country consolidation of mobile operators in Europe. In this article, we use recent examples of mobile M&A deals to consider the main factors that drive valuation, as well as some of the associated challenges and risks when valuing mobile businesses prior to a merger.

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  • Decommissioning 2G and 3G will force operators to share networks at a national scale

    4G take-up across Europe has been impressive, and is starting to make 2G and 3G networks look obsolete. But with a stubborn rump of subscribers, and a range of possible M2M opportunities, operators have to weigh up the pros and cons of switching off obsolescent networks. A perfect solution could be for operators to come together and share a single legacy network.

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