Our Lund office was established in March 2019 when Analysys Mason acquired AB Stelacon, a respected consulting company with more than 30 years of experience. Their expertise includes smart cities, regional development, digital services, policy and regulation, as well as telecoms and digital communications.

The Lund office is located in the booming Greater Copenhagen region which advantageously puts it in very close proximity to Malmö and Copenhagen. The metropolitan region comprising Eastern Denmark and Southern Sweden is the home of multiple universities, science parks and innovation incubators providing an attractive and knowledge-intensive business environment.

With easy access to the markets of two countries, our Lund office works with clients in both Southern Sweden and Denmark. Projects are often characterised by the international interplay in the region as our team in Lund supports clients ranging from government agencies, municipalities, state-owned companies, county council owned companies and listed companies.

Analysys Mason has three offices in Scandinavia, the other two being located in Stockholm and Oslo. The Lund office works closely with consulting and research teams from the other Analysys Mason offices, which allows our clients to benefit from the global expertise inherent in our international network of consultants.

Notable projects:

Digitalisation in the Nordic bioeconomy

In 2018 Analysys Mason (formerly AB Stelacon) acted as project manager for the Nordic initiative: Digitalisation and bioeconomy – shaping the Nordic future. The project aimed to identify aspects of digitalisation with strategic relevance for the Nordic bioeconomy and served as a basis for the Council of Ministers meeting the same year. The initiative was carried out in close cooperation with Nordic Forest Research (SNS) and the Nordic Joint Committee for Agricultural and Food Research (NKJ), on behalf of the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Testbeds for digital transformation in the Nordic bioeconomy

As a continuation of the above, in 2019 Analysys Mason (formerly AB Stelacon) assists SNS and NKJ in a project aiming to strengthen the profitability and competitiveness of the Nordic bioeconomy in the digital era. Through developing a network of test beds relevant for digital innovation, actors in the bioeconomy will be given access to platforms where new knowledge and digital technology can thrive.

Estimating the socio-economic value of 5G in Denmark

The Danish Energy Agency has commissioned Analysys Mason and DotEcon been to conduct a cost-benefit assessment on 5G introduction in the 3.5GHz band in Denmark. The project aims to estimate the socio-economic value of 5G and will assess the value of the timing of 5G introduction in the 3.5GHz band over different regions and areas of the country. Analysys Mason and DotEcon have a track record of successful collaboration on numerous projects and have assisted the Danish Energy Agency with several spectrum award processes. Recently, the team has worked together with the Danish Energy Agency on the design and implementation of the 700MHz, 900MHz and 2.3GHz spectrum award, which is currently taking place.

Contact details

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