Telecoms software and networks

In Telecoms Software and Networks research, we evaluate the way communications service providers (CSPs)/network operators use software to enable services and support their operations. These software systems include OSS, BSS, NMS, SDP and other software that CSPs use to optimise their operations and deliver communications services. Our research breaks each of these areas down to specific application areas where CSPs actually deploy operational systems.

We are uniquely focused on the telecoms, media and technology (TMT) industry, with the largest and most experienced team in telecoms software research.

We evaluate methods in telecoms software and the factors that are driving change. These evaluations are delivered in programmes that:  

  • evaluate strategic drivers
  • evaluate specific application areas 
  • pull together aggregate numeric measures.

Every programme combines analysis of CSPs' business factors along with numeric measures.

Our programmes help CSPs, suppliers and investors understand how changing factors in the telecoms software industry create challenges and opportunities from their perspective.

We also provide customised research that helps CSPs with targeted strategy evaluations, helps vendors evaluate and profit from market opportunities, and helps investors evaluate investment values.

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