Operators have ambitious plans to expand their mobile security portfolios

30 November 2021 | Research

Article | PDF (4 pages) | SME Services| Enterprise Services| Cyber Security

"Many operators are focusing on selling mobile security solutions to large enterprises, but they should also consider opportunities with SMBs."


Analysys Mason surveyed 27 operators worldwide in 3Q 2021 about their mobile security offerings and market outlook.1 The results of this survey show that businesses’ demand for mobile security solutions grew strongly in 2020. We expect that mobile security will continue to be the fastest-growing category of businesses’ cyber-security spending in the period to 2025; spending in this category will reach USD13 billion per year worldwide in 2025.2

In this article, we highlight some of the different approaches that operators are taking to address opportunities in the mobile security market.

1 For more information, see Analysys Mason’s Mobile security solutions: survey of telecoms operators.

2 For more information, see Analysys Mason’s SMB mobile security spending worldwide: trends and forecasts.


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