Vodafone has many issues to address, even after the sales of assets in Italy and Spain

21 May 2024 | Research

Tom Rebbeck

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"Other operator groups will be watching Vodafone closely as it experiments with new models."


The pending sales of Vodafone’s operations in Spain and Italy will continue Vodafone’s transition from the most global of operators to a smaller player that is part holding company, part telecoms operator. The latest sales will almost certainly not be the last step in Vodafone’s transformation.

Many of the issues facing Vodafone are common questions for the industry (for example, which assets to retain and where to invest). Vodafone’s approach to answering many of these questions is to wait and see, but the operator is also exploring new business and operating models in its IoT and shared services divisions, for example. The future success of Vodafone as a group operator will partly depend on how successful these models are. Other multi-country operators will be watching closely.


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Tom Rebbeck

Partner, expert in TMT consumer and business services