6G R&D tracker 2H 2023

26 January 2024 | Research

Stephen Burton | Simon Sherrington

Tracker | Excel | Telecoms Strategy and Forecast

"Actors including national governments, operators, vendors and academic institutions are beginning to explore 6G R&D to define key technologies, timelines and national policy."


Data coverage

The tracker includes over 160 entries from over 390 actors worldwide, including national governments, operators, vendors and academic organisations. Entries include government policy, R&D programmes, labs, testbeds, R&D partnerships, technological developments and memorandums of understanding. Each entry records information including the actors involved, a summary of the R&D, the region and country, dates of announcements, funding amounts, timelines and any KPIs mentioned.

The document features six sheets.

  • 6G tracker - this sheet contains detailed data on 6G R&D plans and projects.
  • Organisations - this sheet contains an overview of major organisations actively working on 6G R&D.
  • Key word taxonomy - this sheet contains our categorisations of specific key words.
  • Technology development stages - this sheet explains the key words used to classify the stages of technology development for projects in the tracker.
  • Glossary - this sheet contains explanations on acronyms used for organisations and technologies.
  • List of all actors - this final sheet outlines all actors mentioned in our tracker.

This tracker also includes filters for easy navigation and a three-tiered taxonomy of key words to allow streamlined sorting of information. It also includes a navigation guide for user ease.



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Stephen Burton

Research Analyst

Simon Sherrington

Research Director