Digital advertising worldwide: trends and forecasts 2022–2027

19 October 2022 | Research

Forecast report | PPTX and PDF (14 slides); Excel | Mobile Services

"Operators have an opportunity to benefit from the increasing value of first-party data, but those in developed markets will remain cautious due to bad past experiences."


This report analyses the size of the digital advertising market for operators on both a worldwide level and a regional level. It also provides our estimate of the operator share of the total market. It includes analysis of the key trends in each country and region, and provides a discussion of the strategic measures that operators can implement to gain a greater share of the market.

Information included in this report

  • 5-year forecasts of digital advertising revenue in eight regions, including revenue accrued by telecoms operators
  • Analysis of the key trends in, and drivers and inhibitors of, operator digital advertising revenue worldwide and in each region
  • Discussion about the areas of the market that operators will seek involvement in and how they will approach market opportunities

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