5G fixed-wireless access retail tariffs: case studies and analysis

10 March 2020 | Research

Case study | PPTX and PDF (23 slides) | Fixed Broadband Services

"Operators should not charge much more for 5G FWA plans than for entry-level VDSL tariffs, even if they can offer better speeds with 5G FWA."

5G fixed-wireless access (FWA) is a technology that has the potential to disrupt the fixed broadband market. This report assesses how operators that have launched 5G FWA have positioned the technology, and analyses their chances of achieving significant subscriber take-up.

This report answers the following questions.

  • What are the characteristics of the retail 5G FWA offers that are currently available? For example, what speeds are offered and what are the usage quotas?
  • To what extent does 5G FWA represent a threat to existing fixed broadband technologies?
  • What are the best retail tariff strategies that operators can use to maximise 5G FWA take-up?

The following companies are featured in case studies.

  • Sunrise (Switzerland)
  • Optus (Australia)
  • Three (UK)
  • Drei (Austria)
  • Vodafone (Germany)
  • Globe Telecom (Philippines)
  • Rain (South Africa)
  • Verizon (USA)

Volume II of this report can be found here.

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