Operator deployment options for rich communication services

17 February 2020 | Research

Strategy report | PPTX and PDF (6 slides) | Future Comms

"Google is pushing hard to roll out rich communication services and operators must decide which platform best suits their strategy."

Rich communication services (RCS) is the GSMA-backed and Google-powered standard for the evolution of native messaging clients on handsets. It is a necessity for most operators that wish to consolidate their position in the A2P space, but mobile subscribers of all major operators have access to RCS messaging in only four countries (Germany, Japan, South Korea and the USA) as of January 2020. Operators need to quickly launch RCS in order to remain competitive with OTT propositions.

This report provides:

  • information about the options available to operators when selecting an RCS platform
  • an overview of the characteristics and deployment times for three different RCS models, along with examples of operators that have launched each option
  • recommendations on which model operators should adopt based on the required degree of control over their messaging systems and the relative importance of this market in the their strategies.

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