Future Comms


This programme examines the communications market from the telecoms industry perspective. It assesses opportunities for mobile operators, vendors and other players in the market. Our findings are based on extensive research, involving interviews with vendors, operators and end users. We produce a detailed 5-year forecast on the application-to-person (A2P) and peer-to-peer (P2P) markets, covering 56 countries, split by vertical, revenue type and technology.


  • Communication platforms. Many A2P players are now CPaaS providers, we will explore the A2P and CPaaS markets.
  • Network APIs. Through the Camara project, operators and industry partners continue to develop network APIs.
  • RCS and SMS. Apple will launch RCS in 2024, increasing the potential market for RCS to almost all smartphone users. Depending on Apple’s decisions, this may enable RCS business messaging to replace many A2P SMS use cases.

Questions answered

  • Communication platforms. What are the implications of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger interpolating messages for operators and CPaaS providers?
  • Network APIs. What are the main opportunities and challenges for operators as they invest in network API services?
  • Network APIs. How can CPaaS providers benefit from the deployment of network APIs?
  • RCS and SMS. How do operators maximise the opportunity presented by Apple adopting RCS?
  • RCS and SMS. What are the implications of RCS on iOS on the SMS A2P and business messaging market (for example, for services such as WhatsApp business messages)? 

Programme head Ben Taylor

Ben Taylor Analyst