SMB ICT channels and forecasts

AMI-PartnersAnalysys Mason acquired AMI-Partners (SMB ICT channels and forecasts experts) in July 2018 - read press release.

Our small and medium-sized business (SMB) ICT-focused research provides comprehensive coverage of the market and gives insights into:

  • how SMBs spend their ICT budget
  • the buying behaviour within SMBs
  • the channel partners and routes to market that SMBs use.

Analysys Mason ICT Global Model

The Analysys Mason ICT Global Model is driven by extensive primary research and industry trend analysis with fully navigable, granular data points.

For ICT vendors and telecoms operators, the model answers go-to-market and sales-enablement questions such as the following.

Analysys Mason ICT Global Model

- To what extent are businesses adopting cloud and on-premises solutions?

- When will spending on cloud solutions surpass that on traditional on-premises ICT?

- Which industries offer the most potential in the next 3 to 5 years?

- Which sub-segments of the markets represent the best opportunities?

 - What is the size of the addressable market by country/region of the world?


To find out how the Analysys Mason ICT Global Model will be presented in the Analysys Mason DataHub, please watch our videos


Customised SMB ICT research

As experts in SMB ICT research, we offer the following types of projects.

  • SMB market sizing and forecasting
  • SMB customer journey and experience
  • SMB channel ecosystem trends
  • Competitor analysis and benchmarking of SMBs
  • SMB market segmentation and demand generation

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