Strategy and planning

Our consulting teams around the globe assist clients on all aspects of strategy development and review, technology portfolio analysis, revenue uplift and market-entry strategies, customer segmentation, competitor profiling and market analysis.

Analysys Mason has an excellent track record advising mobile operators, regulators and governments, financial institutions and private equity funds worldwide, based on our deep telecoms commercial and technical expertise.

We support telecoms, media and technology clients in assessing, valuing, structuring and implementing network-sharing agreements between mobile operators – either as a fall-back alternative to in-market consolidation, to realise cost synergies or as a joint-bid vehicle in next-generation spectrum auctions.

Increasingly we are helping operators move into new frontiers and identifying value in the digital space.

We advise and support clients looking to transform into digital service providers.

More detail on what our sector specialists can assist with:

Commercial expertise

  • Analytics for legacy service margin improvement
  • Fixed Mobile Convergence to capture high value customers
  • Enterprise and IoT strategies to drive future revenue growth
  • MVNO: establishing MVNOs / role for wholesale
  • Traditional and OTT pay TV
  • Live TV and VOD over IP / broadband IP
  • Policy support to governments for high-speed and gigabit broadband deployment

Technical optimisation

  • Network sharing for efficient capital deployment
  • Network migration migrating 2G / 3G users to free up spectrum for faster adoption of 4G.
  • Network metrics / capex prioritisation focused capex deployments based on quantitative metrics.
  • Live TV and VOD over IP / broadband IP
  • Policy support to governments for high-speed and gigabit broadband deployment

New digital frontiers

  • Digital services
  • Data monetisation

Articles More articles

  • Wireless networks tracker 1Q 2019
    By Giulio Sinibaldi | 25 March 2019, Data

    Updated on a regular basis, the 'Wireless networks tracker' allows you to search up-to-date information on network deployments by region, country, operator, network technology, licence and launch date, as well as coverage information. The tracker features both GSM and CDMA operators, and includes deployments of HSPA, HSPA+, LTE and LTE-A.

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  • Telecoms capex: worldwide trends and forecast 2017–2025
    By Caroline Gabriel | 21 March 2019, Forecast

    Telecoms capex will show some recovery following a slump in 2016/2017, but growth will be increasingly driven by wireless investment, especially 5G, rather than wireline, as a major wave of FTTx investment tails off. Another significant area of capex investment in the early 2020s will be in digital infrastructure and technology to support software-defined networking (SDN), and in time, network slicing. In Analysys Mason’s first comprehensive telelcoms capex forecast, spending is broken down by region, operator profile and 10 categories of investment, with trends fully analysed.

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  • Spectrum Newsletter – February 2019
    By Roberto Kompany | 20 March 2019, Newsletter

    This edition of the Spectrum Newsletter for February 2019 highlights spectrum auction activity worldwide in four regions.

  • Fixed–mobile convergence quarterly metrics 3Q 2018
    By Simon Lumb | 19 March 2019, Data

    Fixed–mobile convergence (FMC) is a growing, if not well-established, trend in many European telecoms markets. Our latest update also includes data on three markets in Asia–Pacific: Australia, Malaysia and the Philippines. These are all nascent FMC markets which have limited current FMC penetration, but have large growth potential. As the importance of fixed–mobile bundling grows, so does the importance of understanding operator performance and country differences. This quarterly metrics dataset provides the number of fixed–mobile accounts, associated SIMs and revenue by operator for 14 countries.

  • Operators can enhance unlimited mobile data plans to reduce the declining rate of traffic growth
    By Stephen Wilson | 11 March 2019, Article

    5G could herald the launch of enhanced unlimited mobile data plans in some circumstances. In this comment, we assessess the launch of improved unlimited 4G data plans in South Korea and highlight the impact that such measures could have in other countries.

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