Business strategy and planning

Our in-depth understanding of the three major change drivers in the market – commercial, technology and regulatory – enables us to provide robust business strategy and planning advice that supports operators in enhancing competitiveness and enterprise value.

  • Commercial drivers: Our understanding of the implications of changes in industry's competitive structure and customer habits is based on our extensive worldwide footprint and experience with operators, as well as strong data sources from our in-house Research business.
  • Technology drivers: We quantify the changes in cost–performance economics and help to address network migration challenges through extensive forward-looking technology assessments with vendors and with operators' technology costing departments.
  • Regulatory drivers: For example, we analyse changes in the dynamics of wholesale services as well as costs as a result of interconnection charges.

With our unique expertise-based approach, we support operators worldwide through all key stages of  strategic analysis, assessment and planning.

  • Strategic analysis: Identifying the need for change, including assessing the changing competitive landscape and the role for operators in the value chain.
  • Strategic assessment: Assessing the options for change and setting the new direction, including planning for partnerships and new investments in technology.
  • Business planning: Planning for change, including detailing the market approach, quantification of financial returns and tools for tracking the business change.

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Data centre business strategy planning

We developed a commercially sustainable business plan and strategy for a national data centre in East Africa.

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