New digital frontiers

Helping telecoms operators and financial institutions to identifying the value of moving into the digital space.

Analysys Mason has conducting a wide range of strategic and transaction advisory projects in exploring opportunities in digital services and monetising data. 

How we can help

Digital Services

Developing the strategic concept to expand into complementary areas with the right partners including payments, e-commerce, advertising etc.

Data monetisation

Identifying  potential pools of information / potential partners that can support monetising data.

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  • Telecoms capex: worldwide trends and forecast 2017–2025

    Telecoms capex will show some recovery following a slump in 2016/2017, but growth will be increasingly driven by wireless investment, especially 5G, rather than wireline, as a major wave of FTTx investment tails off. Another significant area of capex investment in the early 2020s will be in digital infrastructure and technology to support software-defined networking (SDN), and in time, network slicing. In Analysys Mason’s first comprehensive telelcoms capex forecast, spending is broken down by region, operator profile and 10 categories of investment, with trends fully analysed.

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  • Spectrum Newsletter – February 2019

    This edition of the Spectrum Newsletter for February 2019 highlights spectrum auction activity worldwide in four regions.

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  • Fixed–mobile convergence quarterly metrics 3Q 2018

    Fixed–mobile convergence (FMC) is a growing, if not well-established, trend in many European telecoms markets. Our latest update also includes data on three markets in Asia–Pacific: Australia, Malaysia and the Philippines. These are all nascent FMC markets which have limited current FMC penetration, but have large growth potential. As the importance of fixed–mobile bundling grows, so does the importance of understanding operator performance and country differences. This quarterly metrics dataset provides the number of fixed–mobile accounts, associated SIMs and revenue by operator for 14 countries.

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