New digital frontiers

Helping telecoms operators and financial institutions to identifying the value of moving into the digital space.

Analysys Mason has conducting a wide range of strategic and transaction advisory projects in exploring opportunities in digital services and monetising data. 

How we can help

Digital Services

Developing the strategic concept to expand into complementary areas with the right partners including payments, e-commerce, advertising etc.

Data monetisation

Identifying  potential pools of information / potential partners that can support monetising data.

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  • Fixed network data traffic: worldwide trends and forecasts 2017–2023

    A perverse consequence of the rise of fixed–mobile bundling is that mobile-centric operators are now forced to compete in the area that they, by and large, have failed adequately to address: home-base data usage. Without continued strong growth in fixed data demand, fixed operators run the risk of seeing their customer-bases shrink. This report provides a clear insight into the drivers and inhibitors of fixed data traffic growth.

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  • Mobile operator capex spending: worldwide trends and forecasts 2016–2025

    This is Analysys Mason's first comprehensive forecast of mobile operator capex spending and provides an invaluable companion to our wireline network capex forecasts, at a time when investment in fibre and wireless are increasingly co-dependent.

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  • Nokia’s Wireless PON: lightening the burden of legacy

    Nokia's new wireless PON solution integrates GPON with WiGig, allowing a more-flexible approach to deployment of gigabit home access. It will be of particular interest to fixed operators, many in Europe, with a heavy burden of historical baggage.

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